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Promote, encourage and support non-chemical and integrated management of weeds – consult – research – commission – report and engage in submission processes



dandelion-super-smlThe implementation of Auckland Council’s Weed Management Policy 2013 and the expansion of non-chemical weed and vegetation control to all Auckland’s roads.

For over fifteen years, more than a million residents of Auckland have enjoyed non-chemical weed and vegetation control on their streets and roads. Members of the Weed Management Advisory (WMA) were engaged in the development of comprehensive city council policies that set up these successful non-chemical programmes in the 1990s. Government legislation changed all that in 2010. Since then the WMA has been working to not only retain these practices, but to foster, encourage and promote the adoption of effective non-chemical weed management for the rest of the Region.

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dandelion-super-smlThe development of a community network to engage in positive action to progress the core objectives of the Weed Management Policy (WMP) 2013

With the adoption of Auckland Council’s WMP we are taking on the challenge of progressing the core objectives of that policy by setting up a network of people and groups across the region interested in non-chemical weed control. This is an opportunity to network with each other, help disseminate information, share news and ideas and suggest and help work up alternative approaches and trial alternative methods.

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