Want to help? Ideas & Resources

The Weed Management Advisory is an informal network of Aucklanders from across the region, including many people who support our aims of environmentally sustainable and non-chemical weed management.  They host their own websites or Facebook pages and post ideas and suggestions.  We hope this page will help us to share and keep us all in contact.

Leaflet to inform and advertise the TOKO petition to ban the use of carcinogenic chemical on Auckland’s Road and Parks: Posted 13 March 2016

This leaflet was designed by someone who has limited mobility to get out and about because of the affect chemicals have on her health, but wanted to do something to help. As she notes, “there is no funded organisation behind this petition … but, they need help. If you support this petition, and can help distribute this information as widely as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.  If many contribute a little, hopefully we will all gain a lot – a cleaner environment and healthier future.”
(This is 2-page A4 design which is printed as a double-side and folded into a 4 page A5 leaflet) – download here.

TOKO Petition to Ban the use of Carcinogenic Chemical on Auckland’s Road and Parks

Spray Free Streets – Facebook Page

No Toxic Spray for Auckland Streets – Facebook Page

Chemical Free Devonport- Facebook Page


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