Research & Studies

There is a huge body of research and studies out there on weeds and their management and the effects or results of management – fascinating, intriguing and uplifting, worrying and thought-provoking.  As we build this website we will try and bring you the latest international and national news, but as a starting point, access the comprehensive Weeds Network website. We’ve listed below some recent 2014 postings:

  • Post harvest grazing of hogs in organic fruit orchards for weed, fruit, and insect pest management
  • Permanent weed strips a sustainable way to enhance biodiversity in orchards
  • Weed control with liquid carbon dioxide in established turfgrass
  • Interactions among plants should be considered when managing weeds: A review
  • Herbicide resistance leads to rethink on weeds as fodder in cropping
  • USA’s herbicide risk assessments compromised by industry bias
  • Composting invasive plants
  • Australia’s pesticide environmental risk assessment failure: the case of diuron and sugarcane
  • Addition of adjuvant to glyphosate increases toxicity

Access them from:


Glyphosate found in breast milk

A pilot study of American mothers’ milk has found levels of the herbicide glyphosate around 1,000 times higher than allowed in European drinking water. In the first ever testing of glyphosate in breast milk, high levels were found in 3 out of the 10 samples tested in the US, indicating that glyphosate levels are building up in women’s bodies over a period of time and that new-born babies are imbibing glyphosate. Campaigners are demanding a ban on the use of glyphosate on food crops.  The Ecologist – 28 April 2014.,2F2AB,BIKMWT,8SEOU,1


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